Operation Illogyc

Hello world. We are EXE.

For some time now, we have been content to lurk the squalid backwaters of the interwebs, stealing your MSN password, flooding your inbox with pictures of dildos, and generally causing mayhem for those who see fit to wave their asses in the air, festooned with bright red bullseyes. We have asserted that you are all hypnotized zombies, as are we, punching at electric buttons in response to signals programmed by other zombies cognitively conditioned by a vast international conspiracy of lizard people and/or rich old white guys. Like our contemporaries, we have sought to cause havoc to expose the absurdity of havoc, and also because there has been no decent mass media entertainment since the N64.


We have felt a push. We have observed the flowering of a dangerous new breed of hubris, which seeks to undermine the stability of our shared existence. We have witnessed fumbling attempts to grasp control of overwhelming forces, and pass them off to salivating masses as fashionable styrofoam. We have been presented a vision of the future that belies the destruction of everything.

We speak to you, now, ByoLogyc.

We have been watching you. We have watched your attempts to reinvent life; your ingenious marketing initiatives; your wholesale disregard for the consequences of power. You claim to champion choice, but the choices are artificially limited into a vision which you have engineered. You claim to offer transparency, but you concoct your dirtiest secrets in dark labs that the public has no awareness of. You claim to represent the realization of consumer desire, but you fail to disclose the dark side of that desire. Some of the world's most preeminent scientists have sounded the alarm on the risks of synthetic biotechnology. The world doesn't listen, because the world shuns intelligence. We will make them listen.

ByoLeaks was, of course, our work. We hope you enjoyed your victory in that department, transient as it was. Your appeal to the usual archaic mechanisms of authority galvanized our membership to spread and divide, like one of your viruses. ByoLeaks has returned, and will continue to do so, in one form after another. However, our current plans extend beyond mere information dissemination. In mere months, ByoLogyc will cease to exist.

You are experts at one kind of technology. We are experts at another. Your technology is the future; but ours is the present. You have seen us, but you do not know us.

United but apart, we hold obscurity.

In obscurity, we gain strength.

In strength, we take action.

In action, we force change.

You've been warned.

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